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"It's like the whole world has become the comments section." - Jason Isbell (twitter, 2016)


I am a fool and a liar
I a loud crash in the dark
I am the one who once crawled through the fire
Just to swear he still needed a spark

I am the last of my line
I am the end of my rope
I am the one who could witness something so kind
Just to swear that we’ve run out of hope

I am hitch in your stride
I am the ache in your tooth
I am the one who won’t look in your eye
But demands that you offer me proof

I am the lover who strays
I am the brother estranged
I am the one who is set in my ways
Who keeps telling you how you should change

I am the preacher who condemns you to hell
I am far worse than you think
I am the one who would poison your well
Then ask if I can pour a drink

I am the flag at half staff
I am all the thoughts all the prayers
I am the one who would shield both of my eyes
Convinced if I don’t see it - it’s not there

I am the average white male
I am everything that you fear
I stare at my screen where I rant and I rail
Content to just dis - and disappear

I am the comment online
That causes that lump in your throat
I am the one who has made up my mind
It’s a flat earth
And I’m selling boats