Hi there. Welcome to my pre-sale campaign for Kentuckian. I am so proud of this new record and I can't wait to share it with you. This page gives you the option to purchase the album as a digital download, on CD, or even VINYL! Or maybe you're going to stream it but want a limited edition t-shirt or a simple thank you card. Buying the music here allows you to directly support me and help me recoup recording costs without going through a third party crowdfunding site (which take a minimum of 5% from every sale).  I am so thankful you're even here reading this and hope you choose to buy something below!

The new album, Kentuckian, features 10 songs and I was happy to be joined by some amazingly talented musicians. All of them are folks I truly admire for what they do, and I could not be happier that they agreed to play along with these tunes. Robby Hecht, Rachel Baiman, Ben Plotnick, Kaitlyn Raitz, Terry Hill, Ryan Tilby, Aaron Davis, Michelle Humber, Ryan Ptasnik, Samantha Rise, Anna Frick, Kamry Thelin, John Houston. All these wonderful folks added their parts to this album and made the songs better for it.

Kentuckian is a collection of songs inspired by my time spent growing up in the bluegrass state. I  was inspired to make this record by Jason Howard's book "A Few Honest Words" as well as the work of Silas House, who said “You have to be somewhat of an outsider to articulate all the complexity, especially when you are thinking about literature about rural people... There’s a real danger of either romanticizing or vilifying. Both of those things are really dangerous and wrong, and I think a good writer just wants to write about that complexity and get at the nuances.” 

And so as that outsider, that's what I attempted here, to get at the complexity and nuance of life in rural America, with Kentucky as my setting. These are my most personal songs yet, even if none of the characters are me. I am not an 85 year old former coal miner. I am not a down on my luck young man trying to stay out of trouble. I did not work at the power plant at Ford. I didn't run contraband across the Cumberland Gap into Tennessee. But I know these people. I worked with them. I've listened to their stories.  I hope when you listen you hear some bit of people you know in the songs as well. Kentucky's motto is "United we stand, divided we fall," and I think we need that motto more than ever before. We are a divided people, and this album is trying to make sense of that division and the problems that come with it. 

So if your support is tossing $10 my way and then listening on Spotify, that's awesome. If you buy one of everything, that's fantastic. If you can't contribute, but can tell a friend about my music, that's great too. Thanks and I hope to see you out on the road soon!

Jason Tyler Burton



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Did you know that if you listen to my songs 1000 times on streaming services, I make about $3.50? This is for those who want to support the album, but are probably just going to be listening on streaming platforms anyway. You can set your price to whatever you want it to be! Thanks so much for whatever you choose to give! NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT!

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Jason Tyler Burton

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Kentuckian - the new album from Jason Tyler Burton, featuring High Road to Harlan and Fires of '88. “Burton captures a sad, raw reality of life in 21st century America..” - Ear to the Ground Music

Expected release: September 6, 2019

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All items ordered before August 28 will ship by September 3. Orders placed after August 28 will ship as soon as possible after the Labor Day weekend. Where I live in Pinedale, Wyoming is a long way from most places, so mail travels slowly. Your digital download will be available, as well as streaming on the normal platforms on September 6!

For this project, I decided to get vinyl records made. I am so happy with the sound. They are ordered and I approved test pressings and they should be arriving about the time the album is released on September 6. However, delays are frequent with vinyl replication, so vinyl orders will ship when they arrive to me. I'll keep ya posted! Again, your digital download will be available right away on the 6th

 The first 20 copies of the CD and Vinyl sold will be signed.

Thanks, JTB